Brides for a Cause in Seattle is now open! Come shop hundreds of affordable wedding dresses in Seattle while supporting charity!

Brides for a Cause
6514 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, Washington, 98115

Store Hours
Monday-Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 11am-5pm
(206) 420-1350

About our new Seattle Location

  • Hundreds of discounted wedding dresses starting at $150!
  • Gowns sold “off the rack” in sizes 0-28
  • Select discounted accessories (veils, slips, headpieces)
  • 6 large, private fitting room suites + small communal seating area for larger parties. We cannot accommodate groups larger than 3 people (bride + 2 guests) on weekends until after 3pm.
  • Open 7 days a week on a walk-in basis, no appointments!
  • Tons of nearby restaurants/cafes nearby to celebrate after finding “the one!”
  • Everyone is welcome at our store! Though out of respect to our brides as they get in and out of their wedding dresses, we ask that men do not enter the bride’s private fitting room stall or the communal fitting room area to give our brides some extra privacy. There are several areas where men can hang out and still be a part of the shopping experience.


Our boutique is located in Roosevelt District, just East of Green Lake, conveniently located right off the I-5! There is metered parking on the street, free parking on Sundays

During Your Visit

Since we’re open on a walk-in basis, to keep things organized and to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience, especially when its busy, we have a few things to expect during your visit.

  • You’ll be able to try on 5 dresses at a time! You can try on as many as you want while you’re at our store, but please keep it to just 5 in your possession at a time!
  • If it gets busy, you may be asked to give up your fitting room while you shop for more dresses! So while you’re looking for more, another bride can try on in the fitting room you just used!
  • The bride should be the one picking out the wedding dresses! Your entourage may go through the racks with you, but we want to be sure the bride is the one pulling dresses and adding them to the fitting room!
  • Your entourage should stay with you! So if the bride is looking through the racks or out picking out more dresses, that’s where your entourage should be!
  • We highly recommend keeping your guest count to a minimum, especially on weekends! If you would like to bring a large party (5 or more people), please shop during the week or in the afternoon weekends.

For questions, email us at

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