Prepare For Your Visit

Brides for a Cause is open by reservation!

Our bridal store environment may be a bit different for awhile with new store guidelines and safety measures in place to keep everyone safe. Please be sure to review our new rules so that you can come prepared!

While we might have stricter rules in place, we’ll still be offering the same great dresses, the same friendly & welcoming environment, the same great service and the same great charities to support! We look forward to having you!

Current Store Policies

Before Your Visit

During Your Visit

Brides will be required to “Reserve a Room” in order to shop in our store. Your room reservation will give you access to our dress racks, a private fitting room to try on in and seating for up to 3 people.

There are two types of reservations:

60 minute and 30 minute, depending on what brings you in. You may only book 1 reservation per day!

  • The 60-minute reservation is to shop for wedding dresses (up to 15 dresses)
  • The 30-minute reservation is for return brides and to shop bridesmaid dresses and accessories. The 30 min option is recommended to browse our racks again (up to 5 dresses), try on a dress on hold, shop our bridesmaid dresses or view bridal accessories. 

Those who do not need to “Reserve a Room” include:

  • Brides purchasing a wedding dress on hold who do not need to try it on again
  • Those dropping off a dress to donate do not need to “Reserve a Room,” but we appreciate a phone call ahead of time, so that we can expect you

Our staff will guide our brides through their dress shopping experience and answer any questions they may have during their visit.

We do not offer one-on-one appointments where you’ll be with one stylist the entire time. Instead, your visit will entail a more laid back, self-led bridal shopping experience, where staff is available to assist and help as needed! We’ll greet you, explain the store layout and store rules, and escort you to your dedicated fitting room – then you’ll hit the racks! We’re available to pull dress options, offer up seamstress advice and help you find “the one!” while you’re here! We’ll clip and zip on an as-needed/requested basis and at stylist’s comfort level.

Our store offers a stress-free, welcoming and friendly environment to shop for a wedding dress!

Here’s how your visit will go:

  • Brides will be allowed to browse the racks on their own and pick out their dresses!
  • Guests are welcome to browse the racks with the bride, as long as you stay together. We’ll also encourage guests to take turns, so we can give brides extra space!
  • We’ll have a go-back available for your “no’s” and we’ll be happy to remove them from your fitting room.
  • Brides are encouraged to bring a guest if they need help and assistance trying on. Our staff is available to zip and clip at their comfort level. Bring someone if you know you’ll need the help!
  • Brides will be encouraged to use their best judgment to determine the best dress choices for them, as our brides will be capped at 15 dresses per 60-minute visit and 5 dresses per 30-minute visit, unlike pre-COVID-19, where there were no time restraints or dress limits in our store. Thank you for your cooperation!
  • Bridal accessories will be displayed and available for any reservation type.
  • Find “the one?” Congratulations!! Our staff will assist you through a contactless check out process.
    • In order to achieve a contactless check-out process, we only accept all major credit/debit cards. Cash and checks will not be accepted.
    • All wedding dresses are purchased off-the-rack, so you’ll be able to take your dress home that day! No refunds or exchanges! 

Thank you for for shopping with us!

Thank you for choosing to shop at Brides for a Cause and to continue our effort of raising funds for charity by reselling wedding dresses!

We understand our bridal shop has always offered an untraditional approach to shop for a wedding dress that was free from limits and limitations, which we know our brides have always appreciated! While our pre-pandemic atmosphere seemed to give our brides more freedom and flexility compared to today, through our process of having to adapt, reflect and reinvent our shopping experience into a more controlled and organized shopping experience, we know our future brides will appreciate it!

We understand new store guidelines may be hard to get used to, but our rules are intended to keep a safe environment, so that we can continue doing what we love. So, thank you for respecting and abiding by them!

We’re open! Fill this out if you’d like more information about shopping with us and our store guidelines! Reserve a Room.

Brides for a Cause is more than a bridal store – it’s a bridal store that raises funds for charity!

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