2021 Gifts

Our 2021 Year-end Review!

Brides for a Cause is dedicated to giving as much money away each year as possible! About 90% of our net income goes to directly to helping other women’s charities.

Each year, we give away gifts to various local and national 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations to provide financial support. Our monetary gifts are usually given in $10,000-$50,000 increments.

In 2021, even though we’re still operating with limited capacity due to COVID, we were able to give away $220,000 to 22 different charities! Thank you to everyone who supported us this year – and all the years prior to get us to this point of making a real difference for so many deserving women’s causes!

Our 2021 Gifts include:

Brides for a Cause is more than a bridal store – it’s a bridal store that raises funds for charity!

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