2022 Gift of $10,000 to Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice

We gifted $10,000 to Astraea!

Astraea’s mission is to fuel local and global movements that shift power to LGBTQI people and organizations pursuing social justice and human rights. They do this by providing support in the form of grantmaking, philanthropic advocacy, communications and capacity building.

It’s programmatic pillars foster powerful collective action by INVESTING in LGBTQI activist, artists and organizations who have limited access to funding but are best positioned to make transformative change, ADVOCATING for greater philanthropic resources for LGBTQI movements, helping funding reach those who need it most, AMPLIFYING LGBTQI movement voices through media and communications to raise awareness and shift the narrative, and PROPELLING LGBTQI organizing forward through capacity-building and leadership development.

Our gift will specifically support its LBQ women’s programming.

By supporting Brides for a Cause, you’re supporting frontline women fighting for racial, economic, social and gender justice.

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