2022 Gift of $10,000 to Running Start!

We gifted $10,000 to Running Start!

Running Start is a nonprofit organization that trains young women to run for public office. Its 4 core programs help young women develop the confidence, connections and capabilities needed to run for office, win and lead.

Our $10,000 donation will support its Mentorship program. This program is the most advanced, where Running Start alums re-engage with them through networking, skills-building, and peer support opportunities. Their alum mentees are leaders in their chosen field, some of them hav!e run for office or aspire to, others are working to create change in their communities.

Our funds will specifically help cover travel and targeted mentorship for its annual Forum held this month in Iceland, where mentees will work closely with each other and with their mentors to build their network and amplify their message. At the Forum, they will meet with women leaders from around the world and from all sectors, including business, government, NGOs, and academia. They will have an opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences, and best practices to drive and influence positive change in society while demonstrating the impact of more women in leadership.

By supporting Brides for a Cause, you’re supporting current and future women leaders!


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