2023 Gift of $10,000 to 9 to 5!

Brides for a Cause supports women in the workforce!
That’s why we’re supporting 9 to 5 with a gift of $10,000!
9to5 works for economic security for all women—particularly women of color—for the past 45 years. They still have many barriers to overcome before they achieve its vision—full economic equality:
– Women earn only 80% of what men earn on average, and that percentage is far lower for women of color.
– Nearly one in three women are not eligible for paid sick days.
– Housing in most major cities is no longer affordable for working families
– Sexual harassment remains widespread.
9to5’s solution?
It lies in the power of participation—the power of women working together to solve these problems.
Equal pay, equal participation, equal power—it’s their answer and it’s time.
9 to 5 non profit

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