Announcing First Road Show in Portland on January 17-19, 2013!

For the past 6 months, we’ve been collecting wedding dresses from bridal stores and individuals across the country. We are excited to finally unveil them to all of our Portland brides at our first road show on January 17-19 at The Laurelhurst Club. More than 800 wedding dresses will be featured at the event. Prices start at just $150, but we’ll have designer dresses too, some that retail at $5,000. All dresses will be discounted up to 75% off. Even though all of our dresses have been donated, it doesn’t mean they are all used. More than half of our inventory is brand new donated by high end bridal stores around the country. Here’s your chance to find a great dress at a great price and help those in need. 50% of the proceeds will go directly to our partner charity, Wish Upon A Wedding, a non profit organization that provides free weddings for couples in need.

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