Brides Across America Operation Wedding Gown – July 5-7, 2024



 Brides for a Cause teams up with Brides Across America every July and November to offer FREE wedding dresses to local military brides and first responders during the annual “Operation Wedding Gown” events, which are held at over 60 bridal salons around the country, including our 4 stores in Portland, Tacoma, Seattle and Sacramento!

Any bride who qualifies and registers in advance can get a free dress during the giveaway dates! Signing up for this event is a 2-part process! Once event dates are confirmed and registration opens up on the Brides Across America, you can sign up on the Brides Across America website and pay the $99 registration fee and then “reserve a room” with us to shop at the BFAC location where you signed up with BAA. Links below! Space is limited!

NEXT GIVEAWAY: July 5-7, 2024


  • Our new San Diego location will not be participating in the July 2024 giveaway, but will be participating in the November 2024 giveaway. 
  • Healthcare workers no longer qualify for this giveaway

Registration will open on the BAA website soon! Once you sign up with BAA, reserve a room during the event dates at the Brides for a Cause location you signed up with BAA (Portland, Tacoma, Seattle or Sacramento). 

Registration ends for the July 2024 event on June 20, 2024 or until its full, whichever comes first. Space is limited!

Who Qualifies:

Update: Healthcare workers no longer qualify – please contact BAA directly for assistance or questions

We’re giving away free wedding dresses to qualified and registered brides who are on active duty or a veteran of the military within the past 5 years or a first responder (or is marrying someone who is). You must provide valid documentation of employment.

 If you answer ‘Yes’ to 1, and also answer ‘Yes’ to criteria 2 or 3 below, you qualify.

 Screening Questions:

  1. Are you engaged and planning a wedding within the next 18 months? If you answered yes, you need to also answer yes to one of the following 3 questions below to qualify.
  2. Are you or your fiancé in the military either on active duty, or a veteran within the past 5 years? You qualify!
  3. Are you or your fiancé a first responder in the front line of harm’s way? While we appreciate everyone’s service who supports and protects our communities, the following first responders qualify for this giveaway: 

    – EMT/Paramedics

    – Firefighters

    – Police Officers

    – Correctional Officers

    If you or your fiancé are working as any of the first responders listed above, you qualify! All first responders must provide a valid work ID or an official letter of service.

 If you answer ‘Yes’ to 1, and you also answer ‘Yes’ to criteria 2 or 3 above, you qualify.

Please understand, Brides for a Cause doesn’t set the qualifications! This event is put on by Brides Across America and they are the ones who set the rules! We partner with Brides Across America and graciously offer up our entire inventory for military brides and first responders to choose a wedding dress free-of-charge!

 We understand there may be other deserving first responders or occupations, but at this time, Brides Across America has chosen to give away free wedding dresses to selection occupations. Thank you for understanding!

 How to Register:

 Registering is a 2-part process.

 You must FIRST register with Brides Across America before the deadline and pay the $99 registration fee. 

SECOND, after you sign up with BAA (once you’re able to on their website when dates are announced),  you must make a room reservation to shop at Brides for a Cause during the giveaway dates! Links below!

  1. Sign up and pay the $99 registration fee on the Brides Across America website! Choose the BFAC location you are interested in shopping at. You can only sign to attend at one BFAC location.
  2. Once you have signed up on the BAA website and paid the registration fee, make a reservation to visit Brides for a Cause location you selected (Portland, Tacoma, Seattle or Sacramento). Check our Locations page for more details. Due to being open by reservation, brides may shop at only ONE of our locations and make only ONE 60 minute reservation to shop during select event dates. Brides will also be limited on the number of dresses they can try on (15 dresses for 60 minute reservations and 5 for 30 minute reservations). You must also follow all Safety Measures and Rules to visit our locations.

Required Paperwork Prior to Event:

 Once you have signed up for an upcoming event and have Reserved a Room, we will email you a Qualifications Application to be filled out before the event so we can verify you’re qualified. This form will be emailed to you after registration has ended. If you do not qualify or if we have any questions about your qualifications, we will contact you directly prior to the event.

 What to Bring When you Shop:

  1. Valid ID: On the day of the event, registered brides must show valid ID upon check in.
  2. Proof of Enrollment or Employment: Registered brides must show proof of enrollment, deployment or veteran in the military (you or fiancé). First responder brides must provide valid documentation of employment as one of the four qualified first responders (you or fiancé). 

 How it Works the Day Of:

 Make sure you are registered with BAA and have a 1 hour reservation time slot to shop with us during the event dates. Arrive at your reservation time and bring your ID. Make sure you have completed the qualification paperwork ahead of time. We will contact registered brides once registration has ended with an online form to fill out so we can confirm qualifications ahead of time. Expect this about 1 week before the event.

Once you’re verified, you will be able to shop among our ENTIRE inventory like any other dress to find a gown – but yours will be free! You’ll need to follow all the rules like any other bride while in our store. Don’t forget, due to limited space, BAA brides may only shop at ONE of our BFAC locations and only make ONE reservation to shop. Brides will be limited on the number of dresses they can try on during their visit just like any other bride (15 dresses for 60 minute reservations and 5 for 30 minute reservations). We offer free 24 hour holds on one dress. You must pick out your dress during event dates.

  • Reservations required
  • 3 person guest limit (Bride + 3 people)
  • No children under 12, including babies unless approved in advance
  • No food or drink (water is okay!)
  • Bring someone for assistance! Must get in and out of dresses yourself or with the assistance from your guests. Our stylists are available to clip and zip at their own comfort level

For a complete list, please visit: Rules and Safety Measures page!


 Brides for a Cause – Portland 2505 SE 11th Ave, Suite 120 Portland, OR 97202

 Brides for a Cause – Tacoma 2711 6th Ave Tacoma, WA 98406

 Brides for a Cause – Seattle 6514 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98115

 Brides for a Cause – Sacramento 1114 21st Street, Suite B Sacramento, CA 95811

Brides for a Cause – San Diego – will only be participating in the November 2024 giveaway this year

 Can’t make the dates? We do this giveaway every July and November! We offer a year-round discount to our military brides! Brides for a Cause offers a year-round 20% off discount to military brides! Bring a valid military ID any day of the year for 20% off! Alert us during the check-out process that you’re a military bride! The bride or the bride’s partner must be in active duty or a veteran to receive the discount.



 Can’t make the dates or our current giveaway is booked up? Fill out the form below and we’ll notify you of our next event!

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