17 Brides Who Got The Dress Of Their Dreams Without Spending A Fortune

Kasia Mikolajczak

October 22, 2021

I’ve got to tell you wedding dress shopping is fun until you see the price, ha, ha! I know something about that. Why is it that as soon as you mention the word “wedding,” everything costs three times more?

Well, I did end up getting my dress in a store, but these ladies took a chance and scored a huge bargain. Let’s learn from them. Shall we?

1. This Dream Number 

Reddit | u/doriswillie

Would you believe it if I told you this gorgeous lady here found her dream dress for only $98. Wow, talking about a bargain, huh? If you’re wondering, she got her dress at Lulu’s. Have you shopped with them before?

2. This Stunning Combo 

Reddit | u/This-Finish510

This lady opted for a very simple white wedding dress fitted to her body. But then she added a dream vail to the entire outfit. What was the total of it all? A whopping $128 — that’s all.ADVERTISEMENT

3. This Pretty Number 

Reddit | u/miss_truffles

This lady probably couldn’t believe her eyes when she found this $1800 dress for only $20. Yes, you read that right — only $20! I mean, what? How can that even happen? I’m in total shock here.

4. This Simple Wedding Beauty 

Reddit | u/Ill-Island2

Who says you need to wear a huge ballgown at your wedding? Nobody, that’s who. On the contrary, this lady is rocking this form-fitting vintage-inspired number she found in a vintage store for only $200.

5. This Dress With A Cause 

Reddit | u/soyuz_array

If you’re in Portland, make sure you check out “Brides For A Cause.” This lady was looking for a summer wedding dress, and she found this amazing number here for only $350. Doesn’t it fit her so well?ADVERTISEMENT

6. This Fitting Find 

Reddit | u/padfootandprongss

If your husband’s favorite feature on you is your bum, you may go for a dress like this one, too, ha, ha! This lady is super happy with her $130 find, and why not give the man what he likes, right?

7. This Beautiful Moment 

Reddit | u/sweatyP*NIS

I bet this gorgeous bride wouldn’t change this moment for anything. And to top it off, she was able to find her dream dress at a bargain. Would you believe me if I said she only paid $100 for it? Oh, yes!ADVERTISEMENT

8. This Copy Cat 

Reddit | u/daenerys2020

This clever lady tried this David’s Bridal Mikado and tulle gown in-store. It retails for $699. Then she looked for the same exact unaltered dress on eBay and found it for $225. Wow! Who knew?

9. This Boho Babe 

Reddit | u/mewmixz

I don’t know about you, but I gravitate towards the boho style. So when I saw this incredibly beautiful dress, I was pretty stunned. This bride only paid $120 for it on Lulu’s. Oh my goodness, why didn’t I shop there, hehe?

10. This Sample Sale Gem 

Reddit | u/legaljellybean

Ladies, don’t shy away from a wedding dress sample sale. If you’re able to decide on the spot, this is definitely the place for you. I’m slightly indecisive, so that wouldn’t work for me, hee-hee.ADVERTISEMENT

11. This Princess-Inspired Gown 

Reddit | u/tannmie

If you’re going for that total princess-looking kind of wedding, I’m sure you heard that you have to pay a pretty penny for a wedding dress. Not so fast. This lady paid only $500 for her dream gown. Wow!

12. This Beauty 


This lucky bride-to-be scored an amazing deal at Brides for a Cause in Portland. This was during their 9th Anniversary sale. The dress and veil together were only $192! I think it’s such a pretty one. What do you think?

13. This Custom-Sized Dress 

Reddit | u/earmuffa

Ladies, let me ask you. Did you know that you can get a custom-sized dress from AliExpress? I had no idea about this. This lady paid only $170 and it fits her like a glove. OMG!ADVERTISEMENT

14. This Poshmark Gem 

Reddit | u/mariesb

Who here is on Poshmark? I joined recently to sell some stuff from my closet. But I had no idea that you can get a beauty like this on there, too. Would you get a secondhand wedding dress as well?

15. This Grecian Goddess 

Reddit | u/suzed21

If you have ever dreamed of being a Grecian goddess, dream no more. This lady got her perfect dress for only $200, and now she’s channeling her inner goddess here. Isn’t this so wonderful or what?ADVERTISEMENT

16. This Ultimate Beauty 

Reddit | u/savagesaver

Wow, is this not a princess dress or what? You would think this lady paid thousands of dollars for it. Am I right? Wrong! She actually found it on AliExpress for $310, already sized to fit! What? How?

17. This Absolute Stunner 

Reddit | u/black_wid0

“Found a dress I LOVED on preowned (brand new, unaltered, with tags). Then I found a boutique that carried it so I could go try it on. $1800 at the boutique, $500 from the beautiful person who sold it to me from preowned. Ballin on a budget.”ADVERTISEMENT

See, what did I tell you? 

It’s absolutely possible to find the wedding dress of your dreams without blowing your entire budget. If these brides can do it, so can you. Are you excited to start your wedding dress shopping journey now? I bet you are, ha, ha!

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