Dress Dash – January 21-22, 2023 – All Locations

Our 10th Annual Dress Dash events are HAPPENING again IN-PERSON at our BOUTIQUES on January 21-22, 2023!

Who’s ready to “dash” for a $150 wedding dress? Join us for our 10th Annual Dress Dash on January 21-22, 2023 at ALL of our BOUTIQUE LOCATIONS! This year will be a special 2-day event on both Saturday and Sunday, due to the high demand!

We’ll be hosting FOUR Dress Dash events all on the SAME DAY and SAME TIME at our boutique locations in Portland, Tacoma, Seattle and Sacramento! All wedding dresses in the store will be just $150! Tickets required to attend! Tickets will be launching online through EventBrite on Monday, January 16 at 8am PT.

Reserve a 30-minute time slot to “Dash” for a $150 wedding dress! Your time slot gives you 30 minutes to shop! No holding! Come ready to buy!

Ticket Info:

Registration for the Dress Dash will be available on EventBrite. 

Tickets will go live at the links below on Monday, January 16 at 8am PT!

“Dash” for your dress in PORTLAND!

“Dash” for your dress in TACOMA!

“Dash” for your dress in SEATTLE!

“Dash” for your dress in SACRAMENTO

In the meantime, here’s how the Dress Dash tickets will work:

  • Only brides need to sign up! Your ticket will get you and your guest in!
  • Your ticket will get you into the boutique at a specific time to shop, as brides will be staggered every 30 minutes.
  • Arrive at your reserved time, or a few minutes early so you’ll be ready to “dash” right at the start of your reservation time!
  • Brides may only book 1 time slot! You may attend multiple Dress Dash events at our various stores, but may only reserve one ticket per store.
  • Print out your confirmation email or be ready to show it upon entry. We’ll also have the RSVP list at the door.

Dress Dash Rules:

  • All brides must register for a timed 30 minute slot (1 slot per bride)
  • Bride may bring 2 people with them (Bride + 2 people)
  • Brides may try on 3 dresses at a time
  • Brides may try on as many dresses as they can within the 30 minute slot!
  • Brides will be picking out their own dresses
  • No holding! Come ready to buy!
  • If you sign up but can’t attend, please cancel your ticket so it opens up for another bride!

How it Works:

  • Each bride will reserve a 30 minute time slot to Dash for a Dress!
  • Your reservation will give you a dedicated fitting room for 30 minutes to try on dresses.
  • Your 30 minute slot will allow you to try on as many dresses as you’d like during the 30 minutes. If you are late, that will cut into your time!
  • Brides will only be able to have 3 dresses in their possession/fitting room at once (no hoarding!!)  Any dresses you are considering will stay in your room. If you like 2 dresses you can only pull 1 more from the racks, so that the bride only has 3 dresses in their possession at any time.
  • There will be no more than 6 brides shopping at a time. Each will have their own fitting room. The space for their guest will be in a communal area.
  • The bride will be picking out the dresses. The guests can shop with the bride.
  • The guests must stick with the bride while in the store. If the bride is trying on dresses, the guests must be in the fitting room area – and not pulling more dresses from the racks!
  • The bride must get in and out of the dresses themselves or with the assistance of their guests.
  • We will not be offering holds. Come ready to buy!
  • No limit on the number of dresses you can buy!
  • The $150 price is only during the Dash. The prices go up after the event is over!
  • Bridal accessories, special occasions and separates will be available to purchase
  • Cash and all credit cards will be accepted
  • Brides may go to another BFAC location to attend multiple Dress Dashes, as we’re hosting them at all of our locations on the same day, but can only sign up for 1 slot per store

Dress Dash Inventory:

  • All wedding dresses on the showroom floor will be $150! High-end and new arrivals will NOT be available. This is a clearance event with lower priced or dresses we’ve had for awhile that need to find homes!
  • Each store will feature 600-800 wedding dresses!
  • Sizes 0/2 and 16+ will be limited!
  • All wedding dresses will be arranged by size.
  • Most dresses are samples and will need alterations
  • Accessories will be available to complete your look!
  • This event is to “clear our racks” to make room for new inventory. They will include lower priced dresses, dresses we’ve had for awhile, dresses that need extra repair and ones that we want to see find a home! Our high-end dresses will not be a part of the sale! If you want to shop our entire inventory, consider shopping on a different day!

Who the Dress Dash is perfect for:

  • Those on a tight budget
  • Those with a wedding soon!
  • Those who can make QUICK decisions!
  • Those who prefer shopping alone or with limited people!
  • Those who have tried on dresses before and/or those who have a good idea of their size and style
  • Those who aren’t bothered by minor flaws. Most are sample dresses!
  • Those who LOVE A GOOD DEAL!

How to Prep:

  • Book a time slot online in advance, space is limited! This event will sell out!
  • Try on dresses ahead of time, so you have an idea of your style and size
  • Find your favorite +2 guests who will help you dash!
  • Know that dresses won’t fit perfectly! Alterations will need to be done on most dresses! We have a seamstress list available!

COVID Rules:

  • All brides must have reserve a 30 minute slot in advance
  • Brides may bring 2 people with them (Bride + 2)
  • Masks optional
  • No food or drinks except water is okay!
  • No children under 12 including babies

Can’t make the date? Want to shop our entire inventory? Need more than 30 minutes to make a decision? Want to shop with more than 2 people? Then….

Consider shopping at one of our Locations  on a different day!

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