Our Values

Our Values


“Cause” is in our name!

We’re a charitable organization – and a bridal store. We’re a nonprofit bridal store that raises funds for charity from collecting and reselling donated wedding dresses!

Funds raised from reselling our wedding dresses are dispersed among a variety of local and national women focused charities. Over 40 women’s causes are supported each year!


We’re sustainable at our core! Our entire inventory is donated!

As a nonprofit organization, we rely 100% on donations. Our entire inventory is donated by designers, bridal stores, manufacturers and individuals across the country!

Most inventory is floor samples donated from other stores! We provide a sustainable option for bridal stores clear out their excess inventory. We also give brides a sustainable option for shopping for a wedding dress!


Wedding dresses can be affordable and you’ll find great deals with us!

All dresses are discounted up to 80% off! Every dress is priced individually, so you can trust we’re doing research to ensure you’re getting a good deal! Pricing is based on the designer, style, year and condition. 

Our prices have always started at $150 to keep them affordable since 2012!


All are welcome here!

We aim to create a friendly, welcoming supportive place where brides feel comfortable and respected while shopping for a dress, without any pressure to buy!


Being accessible is important. We want to make it easy to shop with us!

That’s why we’re open 7 days a week, why you can book directly online and why you can roam the racks and try on at your own pace! We’ll give you the space!

We’re easy to get in, easy to shop, and easy to leave with your dream dress same day!

We’re accessible and accommodate brides of all sizes, budgets, situations and timelines.


We value the full range and attempt to be inclusive in what we do and what we offer!

We work hard to source and keep on the racks a wide range of sizes from 0-24 for every body!

We cater to all budges! All dresses are priced individually and discounted 20-80% off retail prices. Most dresses can be found in the $300-$600 price range!

We collaborate with bridal stores and designers to bring in designers and styles our brides are looking for!


Brides for a Cause was created out of a true passion for recycling wedding dresses for the greater good – and we’re just as passionate today as we were in 2012!

Receiving donated wedding dresses from others and giving away money raised from them is our mission – and we love it!


We try to be intentional in everything we do. With every action taken and with every decision made.

We’re constantly looking for ways to further support our staff, improve our interactions with brides, and strengthen our community and the nonprofits we support.


As a nonprofit, our organization is governed by a board of directors, overseen by a founder and executive director and ran by a 25+ team across our many locations.

We strive for transparency and communication within our organization and with our brides, donors and causes.

We’re constantly learning, growing, evolving and improving for our staff, brides, donors, and community.

We trust our instincts and strive to make intentional decisions. We stand by fairness, transparency and doing what’s right.

Freedom & Flexibility

One of the reasons why Brides for a Cause started was to find more freedom and flexibility in the workplace.

We attempt to create a place of freedom for our brides and staff members.

We also promote flexibility within our store environment. While rules and structure help create order and consistency, which is even more important as we expand, we’re unafraid of bending our own rules or making exceptions to accommodate or make things right because we value flexibility.

Founded in 2012 in Portland, Oregon 


Protecting the environment & helping women with every dress


Supporting local and national women focused charities 

Brides for a Cause is more than a bridal store – it’s a bridal store that raises funds for charity!

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