Recycle Your Wedding

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Want to Recycle Your Wedding Items?

There are so many websites out there to help brides recycle their wedding items and WE LOVE THIS!

We are huge proponents of encouraging couples to donate their wedding items after their weddings because not only does this help the landfill, but it also saves the next bride a ton of time during their own wedding planning… because hey, if you can help another bride from having to run to a million Goodwills and Home Goods just to find a chalkboard sign by listing yours online, wouldn’t you?

Even if you don’t necessarily list and sell your items online (I know, its a lot of work!), even if you share your items amongst friends, you’re still helping the landfill and saving future brides a ton of trips to the store! So, don’t be afraid to offer up all your wedding items sitting in your basement!

Online Wedding Recycle Options


Ruffled Blog

Facebook Wedding Community (search your area – lots of cities have their own buy/sell wedding page)

We know there are tons more, but we are big fans of these! We are really surprised how many people are using Facebook these days to buy and sell! Such a great idea!

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