Welcome to the Dress Dash!

Thank you for joining Brides for a Cause’s annual Dress Dash clearance event, where all wedding dresses are $150 for a 2-day event at our boutique locations! Please read over the following rules, so you’re ready to “dash” as soon as the doors open at the start of your slot time! All wedding dresses you see will be $150, so ignore the price tags!

BEFORE YOU ENTER: Make sure you’re on time and only 2 people with you. Discard any food/drinks!

ONCE YOU ENTER: You’ll have 30 minutes to shop! You’ll have a dedicated fitting room to try on dresses and a seat for your guests outside your stall. You may have 3 dresses in your possession at once. As you go through the racks, you can grab the dresses right off the rack! Hold onto them or put them in your fitting room if they get heavy! Your guests can shop with you, but they must stay with you! If you are trying on dresses, your guests cannot go pull more dresses for you until you are ready to go back out and pick more!

ONCE YOU START TRYING ON: Once you have your first 3 dresses, go try them on in your fitting room. Your guests must be back there with you! Anything you like or still considering, keep them in your fitting room! Anything you don’t want, please hand off to a staff member or put it on the “go back” rack. After your first round, go grab more! You can only have 3 dresses at a time, including what’s in your room, so if you are holding onto 2 dresses, you can only grab one more! The “dash” is about making quick and decisive decisions! No hoarding, please! You can try on as many dresses as you’d like in 30 minutes but you can only have 3 in your possession at once! Thanks for cooperating!

HOW TO NAVIGATE THE DRESSES: All dresses will be arranged by size. Bridal sizes run small, so go bigger! Start one size up than normal and shop 2-3 different sizes to have more to choose from! Each section of sizes will have complete different dresses, so the more sizes that you look at, the more options that you’ll have! As a donation-based bridal store, we tend to run low in sizes 0/2 and 16+. Each time you go back out to the racks to grab more, you can make adjustments on sizing and styles.

WHEN YOUR 30 MINUTES IS UP: It’s time to buy your dress! At the end of your 30 minutes, you’ll need to wrap up, grab your belongings and exit your fitting room, as we’ll have another round of brides right after you! You’ll need to make a decision about your dress as soon as the 30 minutes is up! If you can’t decide, buy BOTH! We are not offering any holds! All items are FINAL SALE, no refunds or exchanges… or trades! Cash and all major credit cards are welcome! Cards are preferred!


ALTERATIONS: Most dresses will need alterations for a perfect fit! Most of our dresses are samples, so they’ll need to be altered to fit you! Common alterations include hemming, taking in the side seams, adding a bustle, adjusting the straps, etc. Pricing can be anywhere between $300-$1,200 depending on your dress, who you go to, what needs to be done, etc. Some dresses may need dry cleaning! We don’t do alterations in-house! Pick up a copy of the seamstress list as you head out! It also includes some local dry cleaners.

ACCESSORIZE: Complete your look with accessories! Our bridal accessories will be available during the Dress Dash! Ask staff for pricing! You can also shop through the special occasion dresses and bridal separates!

SPECIAL OCCASIONS SALE: All colored special occasion dresses will be $20 for our attending brides! These are quick grab & go dresses that you can purchase along with your wedding dress!

DON’T FIND ANYTHING? If you leave empty handed, come back and see us another day! We’re always putting new dresses out each week, so come back in a few weeks and see all new inventory including our high end designer dresses and new arrivals not a part of the sale! Book a 60 minute reservation before you leave with our staff – or jump online to Reserve a Room!

Thanks for joining us for our Annual Dress Dash! If you have any questions or need anything during the event, our staff is available to assist!

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