1) How can I donate my wedding dress?

The process to donate your wedding dress is easy! Simply download the donation form on our Donate page, fill it out and accompany it with your wedding dress! We are currently accepting wedding dresses 2012 and newer. You are welcome to mail your dress or drop it off at either our Portland or Tacoma boutiques!

2) Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, you may take a tax deduction for your contribution to the full extent allowed by law. We are in the process of gaining tax exemption from the IRS and have been advised by our legal team donations are retroactive. Eligible donors of wedding dresses and bridal accessories will receive a tax-deductible charitable receipt for their donations within 1-2 weeks after your items have been processed.

3) How can I get my wedding dress to you?

There are a few ways to donate your wedding dress: mail it to us or drop it off in-person.

More than 95% of the donations arrive though the mail from out-of-state donors. We also accept dress donations at our bridal stores in Portland or Tacoma. Donations may be dropped off anytime during store hours. We also accept dresses at local road show events. Occasionally, we partner with various local bridal stores around the country to host Dress Drives on our behalf.

4) My dress is older than 2012. Will you still accept it?

We are currently accepting wedding dresses 2012 and newer, due to space limitations. Occasionally, we accept dresses older than 2012, especially lace and plus size dresses.  If your wedding dress is older than 2012, please email a photo to info@bridesforacause.com and we’ll see if it something we can accept! We’ll take into consideration the designer, style, fabric and condition and if its still available to be ordered from the designer or bridal store.


5) How should I pack up my wedding dress?

We recommend finding the smallest box possible. Please remove it from the preservation box if your dress was preserved, since those boxes tend to be very bulky. UPS and USPS seem to have the best rates. Rates will depend on the size of the box, weight and location. Depending on where you are in the US, it may be roughly $10-$30 for shipping.


6) Do you pay for the shipping?

No, individuals donors are responsible for paying the shipping. To save on the shipping cost, we recommend packing it in the smallest box possible and removing it from the preservation box if it has been preserved.

Yes, we cover shipping for bulk donations from bridal salons, designers and manufacturers. If you are a bridal store that has 3 or more dresses to donate, contact us directly for the bulk donation form and to arrange shipping.


7) How should I value my dress?

Please consult with a tax advisor to determine the value. Please keep in mind it’s used clothing as well as the condition of your dress, the year and the fact that we discount all items 35-75% off.


8)  When will I get my tax receipt?

You will receive a tax receipt within 1-2 weeks. Once we receive your wedding dress, we’ll unpack and process it, which normally takes a few days, depending on how many dress donations we receive that week.


9) What happens to my dress once you receive it?

Once we get your donation, we’ll first clean/repair it if necessary. Your dress will go into inventory, get priced and will be placed on our racks! We’ll try to sell it in store, at a Road Show event or online! By donating your wedding dress, you are giving another bride an opportunity to wear your dress (and feel just as beautiful as you did) and at the same time you’re helping to raise funds for various women’s causes.

10) What does my donation support?

Your donation will help a variety of women-focused charities. Funds raised from the sales of the donated wedding dresses will be given to other 501(c)3 organizations in the form of grants.

11) How much will the charity receive from my donation?

Since 2012, Brides for a Cause operated as a for-profit business, where 50% of the gross sales went to charity. In summer 2016, we are launching our own in-house nonprofit, where we will be able to support multiple charities (instead of just one like we’ve been doing since 2012). We anticipate this new organizational structure will allow us to dedicate even more money for charity!

12) I own a bridal store and have multiple dresses to donate.

Great!  We work with a lot of bridal stores that donate in bulk! Please contact us directly if you have a bulk donation, so we can send you the bulk donation form and inventory sheet! We will pay for the shipping! Your store will just need to box everything up!

13) My dress is really dirty. It also needs some repairs. Will you still accept it?

Yes, we will accept your dress if it is dirty! We’d rather get it dirty than not at all! We work with local dry cleaners and seamstresses to clean and repair gowns that need it.

14) Do you accept vintage dresses?

Yes, occasionally we accept vintage dresses from the 1920s-1970s. We are unable to accept anything from the 1980s, 1990s or early 2000s. Please email a photo to info@bridesforacause.com and we’ll see if it something we can accept!

15) Do you accept bridal accessories, bridesmaids, MOB and flower girl?

Yes, we also accept bridal accessories including veils, headpieces, sashes, slips, shoes, etc. We also accept special occasion dresses. However, we are not collecting old prom dresses. If you have a prom dress, please consider donating it to charities specializing in prom, such as Abby’s Closet.

16) Do you buy dresses?

No, we don’t buy dresses. But you can donate it to get a tax write-off and allow another bride to wear it!


1) How can I buy a dress from you?

There are 3 ways to purchase a dress: you can visit one of our locations, attend a Road Show or buy a dress online!

2) Do I need to make an appointment at either of your boutiques?

No, our bridal stores are open for walk-ins only! No appointments are available.

3) What hours are you open?

Our boutiques are open 7 days a week! Mon-Sat 10am-4pm and Sun 11-4. We are closed major holidays, so check our Contact page for updates!

4) What are your price ranges?

Our prices start at just $150! We also have high-end dresses starting at $500-$2500. All of our gowns are discounted 35-75% off! Our average price is about $400!

5) Are all of your dresses used?

No! We receive a ton of wedding dresses from stores and designers! More than ½ of our inventory are brand new sample gowns! A lot of bridal stores send us their discontinued and overstock sample gowns!

6) Do you carry plus size dresses?

Yes! We carry plus size dresses. However, since we are based on donations, we generally run low in sizes 16+. Keep in mind our inventory is always changing so if you don’t find your dream dress the first time around, come back!

7) My wedding is a week away. Can you help?

Yes! Our bridal stores are perfect for last minute weddings! Since you buy “off the rack,” you get to take home your dress that day!

8) How can I find out if you have a certain dress I’m looking for?

We have roughly 1,000 wedding gowns in stock, so it’s really hard to locate exact dresses. We recommend coming into our boutiques, attending a Road Show, or stalking us on social media to see current inventory! Feel free to call either boutique and we can try to help you!

9) I saw a dress on your website. How can I get more info?

Please email or call us if you’re interested in a dress!

10) Do you do alterations on-site?

No, we don’t do alterations on-site, but we have a list of recommended seamstresses that can help!

11) Do I need to clean my dress before I wear it?

It’s up to you! We clean a lot of our wedding dresses before we sell them, but some dresses may get a bit dirty after brides have tried them on!

12) What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and cash.