Donate Your Wedding Dress

dressesThank you for your interest in donating your wedding dress through the Wish Upon A Wedding Dress Donation Program!  Wish Upon A Wedding is a 501 (c)(3) public charity that operates a nonprofit, wish granting program providing weddings and vowel renewals for couples facing serious illness or a life-altering circumstance.  The Wish Upon A Wedding Dress Donation Program helps the organization fulfill its mission of granting weddings for couples facing serious illness.

We are currently accepting wedding dresses 2010 and newer!

HOW IT WORKS: Eligible donors of wedding dress or bridal accessories receive a tax deductible charitable receipt for their donation(s). Brides for a Cause acts on behalf of Wish Upon A Wedding to accept, clean, store, market and resell the donated wedding dresses and bridal accessories. 50% of the gross sales from the Program go directly to Wish Upon A Wedding. Brides for a Cause retains the other 50% to cover expenses associated with the Program.

WHAT WE ACCEPT: Brides for a Cause is currently accepting dress donations 2010 and newer (any style, any size)!  We also accept bridal accessories such as veils, tiaras, headpieces, sashes and slips – so send your accessories along! If your wedding dress is dirty or damaged and is 2010 and newer, we will accept it and will pay to get it cleaned/fixed up! We also occasionally accept select vintage pieces from 1970s and older. Please email a photo of your vintage dress to to see if it’s something we will consider. Due to capacity, we are unable to accept wedding dresses from the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s.

If you are interested in donating your wedding dress to help couples in need have their dream wedding, please download the GOWN DONATION FORM and include it with your donation. 

HOW TO PACK IT: We recommend that you mail your wedding dress in the smallest box possible.  If you have preserved your wedding gown, please remove your wedding gown from the preservation box as they tend to be bulky.  This will save you on the shipping cost, because you’ll be charged by the size and weight of the box.  But if it is easier, feel free to keep it in the preservation box if you have already preserved it.  We prefer if the gowns arrive clean, but we understand if that is not possible.  We would love to accept it dirty than not at all!  If we are hosting a road show in your area, you may drop off your wedding dress anytime during the event!  Donation forms and tax receipts will be available at the event.

HOW TO VALUE IT: Your donation will be sent to Brides for a Cause to sell on behalf of Wish Upon A Wedding. Since items will be owned by Wish Upon A Wedding, your donation may be tax deductible. To determine the value of your donation, please keep in mind the condition of your dress, the year it was purchased and the fact that we discount all items (up to 35-75% off).   We advise you ​to talk to a tax professional to determine the value of your donation.  You will receive a tax receipt in the mail within 1-2 weeks after we get your dress/items.

HOW WE WILL SELL IT: There are many ways that Brides for a Cause will try to sell it!  We’ll try to sell it at our Bridal Store in Portland, we may take it “on the road” at one of our Road Shows or we may try to sell it online on our Online Store.  By donating your wedding dress, you are giving another bride an opportunity to wear your wedding dress (and feel just as beautiful as you did) and at the same time you’re raising funds for a great cause!

WHERE YOUR MONEY GOES: 50% of the sale price of your wedding dress will go directly to Wish Upon A Wedding. The other 50% goes to Brides for a Cause to cover the expenses associated with operating the donation and resale program.

BULK DONATIONS: If you are a bridal store that has multiple dresses to donate, please contact us directly by calling (503) 282-4000 or email, so that we can send you a bulk donation form and inventory sheet.  For donations of more than 5 gowns, we may be able to help with the shipping, so please contact us directly so that we can discuss!

Please mail wedding dress donations to:

Wish Upon A Wedding Dress Donation Program
C/O Brides for a Cause
4942 NE 20th Avenue
Portland, OR 97211

If you are in the Portland area, you may drop off your dress during our  store hours on Monday-Saturday 10-4 or Sunday 12-4.