Brides for a Cause is a nonprofit organization that collects and resells wedding dresses to raise funds for charity. Since 2012, we have supported a variety of local and national nonprofits that help women!

Each year, we partner with various local and national 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations to provide financial support. Types of beneficiaries we fund include those that:

  • Support women with serious health issues, specifically pertaining to the top two women killers: cancer and heart disease
  • Promote positive self-image and self-esteem for young women
  • Support women in the military
  • Provide relief for single mothers, abused women and women who are disabled
  • Promote opportunities for women’s education and women in the workforce

Our monetary gifts are usually given in $10,000-$20,000 increments. About 90% of our net income goes to directly to helping other charities.  Since 2012, we’ve collected over 10,000 wedding dresses and have given over $700,000 (and counting!) to charity! In 2018, we gave away a record-breaking $175,000 for the year!

Here’s who we’ve supported so far in 2018:

Past Gifts

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